Mit Linebacker Jake Norby von der Montana State University Northern Lights stellen wir unseren zweiten Neuzugang der Saison 2020 vor.Der 22 jährige Jake ist 190 cm groß und bringt 93 kg auf die Waage. Er spielte 4 Jahre für die MSU-Nothern Lights, davon 3 Jahre als Starter und verbucht seither 144 Tackles.
Neben seiner Erfahrung als Linebacker auf dem Feld, wird er auch unsere Linebacker im Herren.- und Jugendbereich als Coach trainieren.

In seinem letzten Jahr an der MSU erzielte Jake in 10 Spielen 48 Tackles und einen QB-Sack.

In einem kurzen Interview beantwortete uns Jake einige Fragen was er von Deutschland erwartet und warum er sich den Cottbus Crayfish angeschlossen hat.

Cottbus Crayfish:
Hello Jake, the Cottbus Crayfish are looking forward to welcoming you to our family for the 2020 season. Please introduce yourself briefly to our fans, football friends and readers.

My Name is Jake Norby, I am a 22 year old linebacker. I am from Montana which is a state in the United States. I grew up in a small town and was raised playing 8-man football on an 80-yard field. I won a state championship and went undefeated. I earned All-state honors at LB and WR. I signed with MSU-Northern which is an NAIA college in America. I won the starting job and started for 3 years straight. Now I have decided to take my talent elsewhere, specifically to you Cottbus! I am eager to see Germany and am excited to get to learn your culture as well as be an ambassador for the sport of American Football. I plan on getting to know as many people as I can, so do not be afraid to approach me and ask me questions about anything. I am very nice, funny and enjoyable to be around. I take football very seriously but I am also very interested in making sure that everyone is having fun and developing the love for the game.

Cottbus Crayfish:
Have you had any impressions of American football in Germany or been able to collect information about them?

My impression of American Football in Germany is that it is a growing sport. It seems to be picking up quite a bit of attraction in Europe which is what I love to see. One of the major physical notices about the GFL that I have made is the age. When I was in college everybody I was playing with is 18-22. In the GFL I could be playing with some serious oldheads which I look forward to learning from in all aspects of life.

Cottbus Crayfish:
Was it your plan to play American football in Germany and why did you choose the Cottbus Crayfish?

My plan is to play the linebacker position as well as help in the role of a coach for both our senior team as well as our youth programs. I chose Cottbus because I knew I wanted to play American football as well as experience the German lifestyle. Luckily, Coach Joerg gave me the opportunity to do both, which I am extremely grateful for.

Cottbus Crayfish:
Thx for the Interview and we will seen you soon at Cottbus.

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